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Kababa Minerals has been in gold business for over 10 years. Over the years, we faced many difficulties coming from different directions but somehow one by one we managed to sail through. In fact its been a steep learning curve which turned into our advantage thus the consistent growth as we gained more experience and knowledge within the industry. Buying and selling gold can be very challenging for those who do not have the knowledge and experience and being successful in this business means you had to cut your teeth by going through all these challenges and learning how to avoid and overcome the many difficulties that you will face.

It is for this reason that we have decided to put our experience and talents to good use by helping both buyers and sellers conclude a successful deal without the worry of being scammed and the complicated process of gold transacting. Our online platform provides our buyers and sellers with all the tools they need to conclude a successful deal. Our system qualifies both buyers and sellers before they can enter into any transaction. 

We are fully committed to our clients both buyers and sellers by providing transparency and full tracking of the transactions from start to finish. Our value-add services to our clients are:

  • That both buyer and sellers will not be scammed.
  • We provided tried and tested methods of gold transacting.
  • We can assist buyers and sellers with transacting in both X-Works and CIF.
  • Provide a safe place for the testing and we ensure proper testing of the gold so that the buyer is assured he is getting what is he paying for.
  • To arrange the necessary export documents required by law to export the gold to the destination country and pay the relevant export taxes.
  • A fail-safe method of ensuring sellers gets paid and buyers take ownership of the gold they have purchased