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Our Main Services

Gold Mining

We're a fully authorized mining company in Uganda and through Partnerships in Easter Africa

Gold For Sale

We're are ranked No.1 With Gold Quality at an amazing price within our region and at an international level

Gold Mines for Sale

We've tapped and untapped mines for sale to other companies or Individuals

Gold Storage

We provide storage of precious metals to clients who want to keep their gold overnight or for a specific period of time with us.

Two Ways of Gold Purchase



X-Works means that the gold is sold in the country of origin. For example; if the gold is offered in Uganda then the sale is concluded there. The buyer and seller will meet at a mutually agreed-upon place. The buyer brings his cash and the seller brings his gold. The buyer tests the gold and if satisfactory the buyer pays the seller. Seller signs over ownership to the buyer.

The seller then has the gold smelted into bars and applies for his export documents. The Gold is then taken to the buyer’s destination. This is always the best way to buy gold and carries the least amount of risk.

CIF Dubai means that the sale of the gold is concluded in Dubai and the seller pays his own cost to get the gold there. However, it never works that way in reality. The seller will expect the buyer to pay for the export cost of raising the export documents and transport of the gold to Dubai. This, according to the seller is for the buyer to show his commitment but 99% of the time the buyer will get scammed. This method is the riskiest.

However, Africa Gold Agency has ways to structure these deals so that the buyer is not at risk.